The Age of Civil Wars in Europe, c. 1914-1949

This project, funded by an ERC Advanced Grant (2022-2027) under grant agreement 101054647, challenges exceptionalist approaches to civil war. While it recognises that significant differences in causes, forms, and/or aftermaths existed between individual civil wars, it argues that those civil wars can only be fully understood as a phenomenon within a pan-European context. 

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New Publication

Historia Contemporánea No. 74/2024

In the first decade of the 21st century, studies on the anti-Franco guerrilla experienced an extraordinary boom. These investigations showed the existence of a war hidden by the dictatorship, in addition to showing the role played by the peasantry in the context of the appearance and development of the republican guerrillas.

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Latest Workshop

Political Commissars as a Transnational Phenomenon in Civil Wars, 1917-1949

12 April 2024
École Française d’Athènes (EFA)

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