“It will be urgently ordered that all those ‘red’ elements be withdrawn from the countryside”: the counterinsurgency in Spain and its effects in rural areas, 1936-1952

Edited by Arnau Fernández Pasalodos (University College Dublin) and Raül González Devís (IES Sos Baynat, Castelló de la Plana)

In the first decade of the 21st century, studies on the anti-Franco guerrilla experienced an extraordinary boom. These investigations showed the existence of a war hidden by the dictatorship, in addition to showing the role played by the peasantry in the context of the appearance and development of the republican guerrillas. This research draws on a large part of this bibliography, but also on a series of archival sources, many of them unpublished, to delve into the effects caused by the anti-guerrilla struggle in rural areas between 1936 and 1952.

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