Dr Arnau Fernández Pasalodos is an ERC postdoctoral fellow working on the project CivilWars at the UCD Centre for War Studies.

His previous research has focused on two main topics: the sociocultural history of war and of violence, and the Spanish Civil War and the construction of the Franco dictatorship.

The focus of his thesis was the anti-partisan war that took place in Spain from the beginning of the Civil War in 1936 until the final defeat of the Republican armed resistance in 1952. His research contributed to the new interpretive framework which holds that the Civil War did not end in April 1939, but rather continued during the subsequent post-war period, and until 1952, as an asymmetric and low-intensity conflict. Furthermore, Dr Fernández Pasalodos examined the war experiences of civil guards, soldiers, and other auxiliary forces who participated in the fight against Republican guerrillas.

These research topics have allowed him to publish in leading Spanish and international academic journals. At the end of 2023 he will publish his first book entitled Hasta su total exterminio: la guerra antipartisana en España, 1936-1952 (Until total Extermination: the Anti-Partisan War in Spain, 1936-1952) with Galaxia Gutenberg.
Since 2021 he has been co-editor of the Revista Universitaria de Historia Militar , the leading Spanish academic journal on the history of war.

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