Dr Charalampos Minasidis is an ERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for War Studies at University College Dublin. His research explores Greek historical actors’ involvement in different European civil wars, the international influences on their thinking and actions, and their life trajectories from the early 20th century until the Greek Civil War.

Charalampos completed his PhD in History at The University of Texas at Austin in 2023. His doctoral research examined the human landscape of total mobilization via the social category of citizen-soldiers as a way to study Greek and Ottoman society at war during the Long War (1911–1922). Prior to that he received an MA in The History of Warfare (2008) from King’s College London and an MA in Balkan and Turkish History (2013), a BA in Political Sciences (2014), and a BA in History and Archaeology (2007) from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has taught at UT, has collaborated with various projects, and his work has appeared in various journals and edited volumes. He has authored the monograph United States Policy on the Macedonian Question during the 1940s (2016; in Greek), has co-edited the collective volume Greek Soldiers and the Asia Minor Campaign: Aspects of a Painful Experience (2022; in Greek), and has edited the book A Jewish Officer on the Asia Minor Front: Unpublished Accounts of the Athenian Second Lieutenant Daniel Sevillias’s War Action and Death (2023; in both English and Greek). His broader research interests include the social, cultural, and political history of war and violence, state-citizen relations, and the history of ideas.

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