Spyros Kakouriotis is a Research Assistant on the ERC project ‘The Age of Civil Wars in Europe’.  Based in Athens, Spyros works in Greek libraries and archives to analyze important source collections on the Greek Civil War and its aftermath. He is also analyzing the latest Greek historiography on the conflict.

Spyros is currently completing a PhD in twentieth-century Greek history at the University of Athens. His doctoral research focuses on the Colonels’ Dictatorship in Greece (1967-1974). He holds an M.A. degree in Modern & Contemporary Greek History from the University of Athens. 

He is a founding member of the Civil Wars Study Group, a loose network of historians, political scientists, and social anthropologists founded in 2002, which is organizing conferences on the Greek Civil War in Greece and abroad and also publishes widely on this subject. The group has recently launched a journal on Twentieth-Century Greek History Studies.

Spyros is also an investigative journalist on cultural issues, working for the cultural supplement of the Greek daily newspaper Avghi.

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