Dr Paul Huddie is a historical researcher interested in war and society, principally within the British Empire in the long 19c. He is a graduate of UCD (BA, 2008; MA 2009) and Queen’s University Belfast (2014) and is the author of The Crimean War and Irish Society (2015). He is an Executive Member of the Irish Association of Professional Historians and the co-ordinator of both the International Network for Crimean War Studies and the Military Welfare History Network.

He is also an EARMA-certified Research Manager and is currently working as the Project Manager on Prof Robert Gerwarth’s European Research Council-funded project, ‘The Age of Civil Wars in Europe, c. 1914-1949’ (2022-27) (CivilWars), as well as the UCD projects ANSOC and ABSOLUTE.

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Email: paul.huddie1@ucd.ie
Phone: +353 1 (0) 716 4059

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